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WELCOME We are situated at the Gateway to the Highlands in Perthshire Scotland. We first had Cocker Spaniels over 38 years ago when our three children were growing up and we have had Labradors too. 14 years ago we got involved with Cocker Spaniels again and this time devote time and energy into showing and breed the occasional litter, We hope you enjoy your visit to our site and sign the Guestbook.


Member of the Scottish Kennel Club, The Cocker Spaniel Club, The Cocker Spaniel Club of Scotland.


Be careful in chosing a puppy go to somebody who shows as well as breeds as you are going to get a healthy puppy,check health test on bitch & sire on the kennel club website under health test, check how a puppy is being reared I prefer mine to be reared in the home rather than outside in a kennel, as they are socialised better than being stuck in a kennel and only seeing a kennel maid, how many litters a year does this breeder have, you have to ask yourself is this a puppy farm also the so called "designer dog "  that costs sometimes more that a pure bred dog after all it is only a mongrel with two sets of " health problems" thrown together.